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  As we all know, refrigerant filling delivery pump is mainly used to deliver R22, R134a, R407C, R410A and other refrigerants. However, this is an urgent problem that needs to be solved in the pump and valve industry. How to save the refrigerant treatment and change the gas storage tank in the production line to reduce the refrigerant waste due to the long-distance transportation required by the refrigerant central transportation and booster station.
  In order to solve the above problems, the refrigerant filling and transportation equipment of the system came into being. The refrigerant filling and transportation equipment is not only easy to control, but also easy to maintain, with strong long-distance transportation capacity. In terms of use and maintenance, the components are compact, free of dead angle, and easy for users to clean. This is also an energy-saving and efficient machine, because the use of a single air control non-equilibrium gas distribution valve to achieve the pump's automatic reciprocating motion, full pneumatic operation, no power supply, automatic work, labor saving, long service life, to meet the customer's high-intensity work requirements.
  In addition, there is a big difference between the refrigerant charging pump and the refrigerant charging pump on the market.
  First, the degree of rust. The air drive part of the pump body is made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy parts are oxidized to black after processing to ensure the beautiful appearance and rust proof cyent refrigerant transportation equipment products. Its use in this process is not easy to be affected by the environment, even in wet weather, it will not rust.
  Second, the length of life. Because the refrigerant filling and transportation equipment will not rust in use, so the equipment will not accelerate aging due to rust. But in the ordinary refrigerant filling pump, it is easy to rust in use, so as to accelerate aging and shorten the service life of the equipment.
  Third, maintenance operations. Since the refrigerant filling and transportation equipment will not rust in the use process, it is not necessary to carry out anti rust operation, and also reduces the maintenance procedures of users. In contrast, ordinary refrigerant filling pump in use, can not avoid rust removal and derusting operations.
  Therefore, the maintenance and operation of the general refrigerant charging pump competition center's refrigerant charging transport equipment is more maintenance and operation, and its maintenance cost is relatively high.
  At present, there are more types of refrigerant filling pumps in the market. When users purchase pump valves, they often encounter difficulties. According to industry analysis, this is mainly affected by market price imbalance and brand diversity. Other experts also said that there are some problems in the refrigerant pump market that need to be solved. For example, some small processing plants, free in the gray area, plagiarize the refrigerant charging pump of big brand, not only disturb the market order, but also hinder the healthy development of the industry. Once again, the small editor of sessant reminds us that when choosing the refrigerant charging pump, users need to keep their eyes wide open, consider the quality, performance and technical level of the equipment, as well as the brand and service of the enterprise, and choose the refrigerant charging pump with good quality and performance.
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